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Program Overview

Great people work here! As Hamilton-Niagara’s Top Employer for ten years running, Niagara Casinos is the region’s largest employer, working as one team to improve our communities. Our 4,200 associates are the inspiration for our Community Giving Program, ncCommunity. At the core of our company's success is our associate's talent and dedication; they make the difference.

We work alongside our community partners, United Way Niagara and the Niagara Community Foundation, to ensure effective support for those in need. Through fundraising initiatives and endowment grant allocation, we invest in programming that improves lives in our community.

We are committed to diversify funding throughout the Niagara region to promote a healthy and vibrant community for all.  

Our company values are entrenched in every program we create. The values and our corporate objectives are truly one and the same;
Provide Remarkable Service
What we do, we do well. Listening and learning from our employees, customers, and neighbours are paramount for continued growth. We draw on our employee’s knowledge and ideas to improve our business and continue to be innovative in our work.
Earn Trust & Loyalty
We are a fully integrated network of long-lasting, trusting relationships inside and out. We maintain conversations and connect with each other through various communication outlets to maintain loyalty through integrity.
Work As One Team
Everyone’s job matters and together we work smart and efficiently while supporting each other. With continued empowerment and motivation we strive to celebrate our differences and achievements. We embrace a culture of inclusivity and provide unique programs for cohesion, growth and development.
Improve Our Communities
We are advocates for social, environmental and cultural diversity causes. Through a variety of programs we encourage our employees to pay it forward, get involved and make a difference in our community. We support volunteerism by recognizing those who give back while also providing a variety of volunteer opportunities through our community giving program.
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ncCommunity Program Eligibility
  • The initiative focuses on organizations within the Niagara Region
  • The event must be primarily targeted at and benefit adults 19 years of age and over
  • The program, event or fundraising initiative is not-for-profit and/or a registered charity
  • The organization is well administered, fiscally sound with a history of proven success
  • Alignment is consistent with our values and provides the opportunity for associate involvement
 ncCommunity Giving Program does not support:
  • Corporate B2B events or fundraisers
  • Operational funding or for personal benefit
  • Athletes, sports teams or third party registration fees
  • National organizations whose local chapters currently receive our support